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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Morgan Four Generations Two

This picture was taken the same day and same place as the William/George William/Leon/Bill Morgan four generations picture on the previous page.


Recognizing my mother, Mary Morgan, in this picture helped to tie down the date it was taken. Kenneth Wayne Morgan, her oldest child, was born in 1926 and she is holding him in her arms. William Leon Morgan, who is positively identified in the "Four Generations One" picture was also born in 1926. His mother Mamie Morgan is holding him in her arms. The two children are clearly the same age. Mary Morgan's second child, Leah, was born in October, 1929 and Mary is obviously pregnant in this picture. So the picture was very likely taken in the summer of 1929.

Emily Alice Baugh Morgan (Wife of George William) died 11 August 1929 in Blackfoot, Idaho and was buried in the Neeley cemetery. This picture, which was clearly a gathering of Morgan's at the Alvin Morgan home in Rockland, may have been taken at the time of or somewhere near the time of her death.

People in the picture that we have identified so far are: Back Row Standing, L-R: Mary Finn Morgan (1907-1999) (Wife of Kenneth Morgan) holding baby Kenneth Wayne Morgan (1926-1991); Second woman from left in round hat is Julia Ann Morgan Hansen (Daughter of William Morgan) (1883-1957); Third woman from left is Sarah Anna Barnhart Morgan (1900-?) (Wife of Alvin Elmer Morgan); Next is Ruth Ives Stanger (Wife of Marvin Lee (J P) Morgan; and Mamie Dell Richardson (1901-2002) (Wife of Leon Baugh Morgan) holding baby William Leon Morgan (1926-1983). Front Row, L-R; First child on left unidentified; second child from left is Mayme LaDera Morgan (1924- ) (Daughter of Leon Morgan); third is Vada Morgan (Daughter of Alvin Morgan); Next is Wilma Blanche Morgan (1921- ) (Daughter of George William Morgan; And William Thomas Morgan (1856-1946); Baby on William Morgan's knee is unidentified at this time.

William Morgan Clan