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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Frank and Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset Family

This is a picture of the Frank and Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset Family that includes all the children who grew to maturity. It appears to have been taken shortly before Frank's death in 1924.


One of the Ryset children (Mary Valletta) died as a child. All the other children of the Ryset family are in the photograph above. They are listed below in order of age:

1. Nora Ryset, born 6 Sept. 1889 in Freedom, Lincoln, Wyoming, and died 27 May 1964 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She married George Moore 10 April 1907 in Salt Lake City, Utah. George was born 25 March 1884 in Spanish Fork, Utah, the son of John Thomas Moore and Anna Andersen. He died 26 September 1946 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho.

Nora Ryset

2. Violet Viola, born 5 Oct 1891 in Willow Creek (Milo), Bonneville, Idaho, and died 6 July 1973. She married John Moore, 13 December 1916 in Salt Lake City, Utah. John Moore, the son of John Thomas Moore and Annie Anderson, was born in Spanish Fork, Utah 17 March 1886 and died 14 January 1935 in Idaho Falls, Idaho of stomach cancer.

Violet Viola Ryset

3. Francis Edward Ryset, born 24 September 1893 in Shelton, Bonneville, Idaho, and died 11 Oct 1963 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. He married Mary Louise Blake 24 Sept 1923 in Shelton, Bonneville, Idaho. Mary Louise Blake was born 16 March 1897 in Elkhart, Indiana, daughter of John Blake and Sarah Elizabeth Meyers. Mary died 1 November 1974 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho.

Francis Edward Ryset

4. Thomas Clarence Ryset, born 12 June 1896 in Shelton, Bonneville, Idaho. He died 9 July 1963 in Idaho Falls. He never married.

Thomas Clarence Ryset

5. Zella Priscilla Ryset, born 15 July 1899 in Shelton and died 29 Nov. 1964. She married Loren Josiah Marler 5 Nov. 1917 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was born 23 May 1896 in Lewisville, Jefferson, Idaho, the son of Samuel Gates Marler and Eliza Ann Taylor. Loren died 10 March 1952 in Lima, Beaverhead, Montana.

Zella Priscilla Ryset

6. Sarah Jane Ryset, born 25 November 1901 in LaBelle, Jefferson, Idaho, and died 26 February 1982. She married William Eugene Carson 26 Nov. 1917 in Idaho Falls Idaho. He was born 15 October 1901 in Iona, Bonneville, Idaho, son of Charles Harrison Carson and Charlotte Luella Nixon. She died in January 1989 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho.

Sarah Jane Ryset

7. Mary Valetta (or Veletta), born 5 March 1903 in Shelton and died 30 Mar. 1903. (I also have a record that lists Mary's birth and death years as 1904).

8. Ellen Florabell Ryset, born 20 April 1905 in Shelton,Bonneville, Idaho and died Jan 4, 2000 in Payson, Utah. She married 18 April 1929 to Allen Lathan Butler. He was born 22 December 1906 in Swan Valley, Bonneville, Idaho and died in August 1978 in Provo Utah.

Ellen Florabell Ryset

9. Leona Ryset, born 12 Feb 1908 in Shelton, Idaho. She died January 4, 1990 in Terreton, Jefferson, Idaho. She married 8 October 1928 in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Jack L. Conn. He was born 16 March 1903 in Glasco, Cloud, Kansas, the son of George Conn and Della Kimberling. He died 12 Oct. 1979 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Leona Ryset Conn

10. Jennie Ryset, born 6 May 1910 in Shelton, Idaho and died 22 January 1990 of Alzheimer's in Orem, Utah. She married 30 April 1938 in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Axel Edward Borg. He was born 5 October 1910 in Sawyer, Door, Wisconsin, the son of Franz Emil Borgerson and Juliane Abrahamson Rosland. He died 16 April 1969 in Seattle, King, Washington.

Jennie Ryset Borg


Frank and Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset's children.

Sarah West Morgan Four Generations

Click on the link above to see a picture of Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset with her mother Sarah West Morgan, her oldest daughter Nora, and her granddaughter Laverne.


Priscilla in a relaxed and happy moment and with two granddaugters.