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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage

Martha/Osgood Ward

This is a picture of the women in the Osgood, Idaho ward in the 1940's. These pictures were usually taken on mother's day.


In this Osgood Ward Women picture are; a daughter of Thomas Morgan and Nancy Jane Radford (Martha Veletta Morgan); a daughter of William Thomas and Lovina Morgan (Ada Melissa Morgan Radford); the wife of Alvin Elmer Morgan (Anna Barnhart Morgan); a daughter of Martha Veletta Morgan (Riley) Eames (Elaine Eames Nickell); a grand-daughter of Martha Veletta Morgan (Riley) Eames (Patty Nickell); and a daughter-in-law of Martha Veletta Morgan (Riley) Eames (Emma Pamela Perry Eames) who married Martha's son Morgan Eames.

1. Maxine Hill Jensen & child 2. Leah Rowberry 3. Elva Landon and son Jerry Landon 4. Roweena Hill Elder 5. Betsy or [Flora] Schultz 6. Vera Stewart 7. Patty Nickell 8. Elaine Eames Nickell 9. Norma Drollinger 10. Ruth Hammer 11. Elizabeth Carpenter 12. Merle Arave 13. Ida Hampton 14. Pearl-Barnes-Yeates 15. Emma Pamela Perry Eames 16. Virginia Brookbush 17. Littie J. Colvert 18. Ione Murphy 19. Beulah Hammer Landon 20. Margaret Ethel Bendixson 21. Mary Hannah Montague 22. Ceola Purcell Marshall 23. Mabel Fife Oswald 24. Venice L. Soderquist 25. Sarah Anna Barnhart Morgan 26. Lydia Perry 27. Sarah Prestwich 28. Margaret Robinson Albertson 29. Ada Melissa Morgan Radford 30. Rose [Rosie] Smith 31. Mae G. Pancheri 32. Sarah E. Williams [Bertie] 33. Martha Veletta Morgan (Riley) Eames & child Jimmy Eames 34. Ethel Christensen 35. Lydia Freeman 36. Maurine Freeman 37. May Hammer 38. Ruth Rawlins 39. Mamie Marshall 40. Merle Fullmer 41. Lillian Hill 42. Emma E. Gibbs 43. Lydia E Brookbush 44. Lillian Gerrard 45. Isabel R. Allred 46. Esther V. Hammer

Mary Hannah Brown Montague (#21 in the big picture above) was the wife of William Albert Montague. They lived in Osgood about three or four houses north of the Osgood store. Bill Montague worked at the U & I sugar company and was the watermaster for many years. Bill Montague was the older brother of Glen Montague who married our Verna Radford. Verna Radford was a daughter of Ada Melissa Morgan and Daniel H (Dee) Radford. Ada Melissa Morgan is # 29 in the picture above. She was a daughter of William Morgan and Lovina Ross.