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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Orlean Morgan Nield

Orlean Morgan Nield was the youngest child of William and Lovina Morgan


The picture above was probably taken in the mid 1940's because two more children (Renae (1947) and Steven (1950) were born to this family and they are not present in the picture.

In the picture are, Back Row, L-R: Bonnie Nield and Wayde Cecil Scott whom she married in 1950. Orlean Morgan Nield (1907-1997). Lenard Nield (1902-1985). Delbert Nield (1929- ) and Darlene Passey Nield whom Delbert married in 1948. Front Row, L-R: Doris Nield and Joey Dye Gardner whom she married in 1951. Beverly Toone Nield, wife of Lenard Rex Nield, and they were married in 1949. Rex was behind the camera.


Lenard Nield and his son Delbert milking cows, probably at the dairy he operated near Idaho Falls, Idaho. He is holding a Surge milker, the first mechanized milker to arrive on our Idaho farms. The surge operated by suction and hung on a strap under the cow. When full it was carried to a milk can with a funnel/strainer sitting in the top of it, and poured through the strainer into the can. Lenard was a dairy farmer in the Idaho Falls area and later moved to the Bitterroot Valley in Montana where he also had dairy cows.


Portrait of Orlean and Lenard Nield.

Orlean Morgan Nield Life Sketch

Click on the link above to be taken to a page with more pictures and a life sketch written by Orlean herself.

The Children of Lenard and Orlean Nield are:

(1) Lenard Rex Nield, born 7 October 1927 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. He married 12 October 1948 in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Margaret Beverly Toone. She was born 1 September 1928 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, daughter of Orean and Margaret Toon.

Lenard Rex Nield

(2) Delbert Nield, born 20 September 1929 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. He married 21 May 1948 in Idaho Falls,Idaho to Darlene Passey.

Delbert Nield

(3) Bonnie Ray Nield, born 4 July 1931, in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. She married 18 April 1951 to Wade Cecil Scott.

Bonnie Nield

(4) Doris Nield, born 18 September 1934 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. She married 31 May 1951 to Joey Dye Gardner. She died 12 September 1978 in Othello, Adams, Washington, at age 43.

(5) Nancy Renae Nield, born 7 October 1947 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. She married 17 December 1966 to Dean Duane Jaques.

(6) Steven Brent Nield, born 14 May 1950 in Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho. He married 23 August 1969 to Heather Dee Bell and later divorced.

Sunrise Dairy

Click on the link above to see pictures of advertisements for the Sunrise Dairy given out by Lenard and Orlean Nield.

Morgan/Radford Reunion

Clickon the link above to see a picture of Orlean, also taken in the 1940's. She is Number 11 from the left in the back row of people standing (It is a large family reunion picture).