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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Morgan/Radford Reunion

A Morgan, Radford, Ross reunion with lots of extended family.


This picture was taken at a Morgan/Radford/Ross
Reunion 16 June 1948 at Highland Park in
Idaho Falls, Idaho.

This picture, when printed, is 23 inches long
and, as you can see, it does not fit
on this little web page very well.
However, you should be able to see it
by scrolling to the right.

We believe #1 is Maud Ella Radford Ross.
Maud was born in 1892 and died in 1960.
When this picture was taken in 1948 she
would have been 56 years old.
Her husband, Andrew Jackson Ross was
born in 1889 and died in January 1950.
Since Andrew died only a year and a half
after this picture was taken he might
have been too ill to attend this reunion.

#2 is Julia Elizabeth Ross Radford.
After her 1st husband, John William Radford,
died, Julia married John Robert Spracher.
#6 is Mary Morgan (1907-1999)(Wife of
Kenneth Morgan) (Kenneth Morgan is absent
from this picture (he was known to be
camera shy)

#8 is Marvin (JP) Morgan (1897-1959)(Son
of William Morgan),

#10 is Eugene Morgan (Son of Clifton
(Dick) Morgan),

# 11 is Orlean Morgan Nield (1907-1997)
(daughter of William Thomas Morgan)

# 12 is Margaret Mobley Morgan (Wife of
Kenneth Wayne Morgan) (Wayne Morgan, also
known to be camera shy,is absent from
this picture).
Wayne and Margaret's son Robert morgan
is # 44 standing with her.

# 14 is William Brown,
# 15 is his wife Clara Woolsey Brown

#16 is Sylner (Sy) Bergeman,

#18 is his wife Bernice Radford
Bergeman (1920-1959),

# 17 is Sarah Anna Barnhart Morgan
(1900-1983) (Wife of Alvin Morgan),

# 19 is Cecil Velma Allen Morgan
(1894-1973)(Wife of Clifton Morgan).

# 23 is Daniel H. (Dee) Radford (1881-1951)
(Son of Everal Hannah Morgan Radford),

# 25 is his wife Ada Melissa Morgan Radford

# 24 is Mary Ester (Maud) Ross Stott

# 27 is her husband Hyrum Weld Stott
(Born 1897).

# 28 is Ruth Stanger Morgan (1897-1992)
(Wife of Marvin (JP) Morgan),

# 29 is her daughter Erin Morgan (Born 1930),

# 30 is Erin Morgan's husband William
Thomas Prudhomme (Born 1926).

# 34 is Bonnie Johnson hill, a wonderful family
history person who has been great help in
putting this Morgan Family history together.

#33 is her little brother Timmy Johnson.

# 31 is Martha Veletta Morgan Riley Eames

# 42 is George William Morgan (1881-1964)
(Son of Wiliam Thomas Morgan),

# 46 is Clifton (Dick) Morgan (1889-1988)
(Son of William Thomas Morgan),

# 54 is Alvin Elmer Morgan (1899-1970)
(Son of William Thomas Morgan),

# 56 is Morgan Eames(1916-2002),
son of Martha Veletta Morgan Eames,

# 32 is Emma Eames, wife of Morgan Eames.

# 49 is Roland Durrant (1897-1979)
(Husband of Sadie Geneva Radford Durrant),

# 60 is Sadie Cleova Durrant Johnson
(Daughter of Roland and Sadie Geneva),

# 62 is John William Radford
(Father of Sadie Geneva Radford Durrant),

# 63 is Sadie Geneva Radford Durrant

# 47 is Sheral Stewart Morgan
(Son of Alvin Morgan),

# 50 is Lynn Morgan
(Son of Clifton Morgan).

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We do not have all the people in this large panoramic reunion picture identified.
And there are possible errors in the identifications we do have.
If you can help with identifications in this picture it would be much appreciated.
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