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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Lydia Almeda Morgan

Lydia Almeda Morgan married George Nowlin in 1906.


Lydia Almeda (Meade) Morgan Nowlin was the youngest child of the Thomas and Nancy Jane Radford Morgan Marriage.

Lydia Almeda Morgan Nowlin Life Sketch by Leon Pitman

Lydia Almeda ("Meade") Morgan was born in Leamington, Millard, Utah on 5 March 1888, the youngest child of Thomas Morgan and Nancy Jane Radford Ryset. She was an infant when her family moved to Star Valley, Wyoming in 1888 and subsequently to Poplar, Idaho in 1890. She grew to adulthood in Poplar. She married George Washington Nowlin on 19 Dec. 1906 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In March 1908 the Nowlins with many of his brothers and related Idaho Falls families moved to Claresholm, Alberta, Canada where George acquired a homestead farm a few miles south of Claresholm in a farming district known as "The Northern Light District." Their first child was born in 1907 in Idaho Falls, but died in March, 1908, three days after the family reached Claresholm. In 1930 George and Almeda moved to the town of Macleod, Alberta and later to Banff. Lydia Almeda died in Calgary, Alberta 9 Oct. 1954. George died in Calgary 25 Feb. 1966.

Their four Canadian born children, attended the Northern Light School, married and had families in various parts of Alberta. Their children were:

1. George Rex, b. 1907 in Idaho Falls, Idaho and died in Claresholm, Alberta, March 1908.

2. Charles Fay, b. 17 Nov. 1908 in Claresholm, Alberta, eventually settled in Banff, Alberta. He died 8 Dec. 1977.

Charles Fay Nowlin

3. Thomas Harvie, b. 4 May, 1911 in Claresholm, Alberta, married Louise Cox 2 November 1935 in Calgary, settled in Cochrane, Alberta. Died in 1997 in Calgary, Alberta.

Thomas Harvie Nowlin

4. Lila Jane, b. 25 Feb 1913 in Claresholm, Alberta, married Hubert Charles (Bert) Davies in 1937 and settled in Banff. She died 29 April 1980.

Lila Jane Nowlin

5. Floyd, b. 27 Dec. 1916 in Claresholm, Alberta. He married Mary Dorothy Hope (Pelham-Clinton) 8 January 1946 in Calgary. He died 13 May 1994 in Calgary.

Floyd Ernest Nowlin

Below is a picture of Lydia Almeda Morgan Nowlin (on the right) with her sister Martha Veletta Morgan (Riley) Eames.


Below is a link to more of Lydia Almeda's family.

Nancy Jane Radford

Nancy Jane Radford was Lydia Almeda Morgan's mother. We don't have a picture of her. But we do have a picture of her father, her mother, and her mother's family from her first marriage. Click on the link above to see a picture of this family.


Above is a picture of George Washington Nowlin, husband of Lydia Almeda Morgan nowlin.

George Nowlin's Mother and Grandmother

Above is a link to a great picture of George Nowlin's mother and grandmother. Below is a link to pictures of Lydia Almeda when she lived in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Lydia and George in Banff

Click on the link above to see pictures of Lydia Almeda and George Nowlin in Banff

Antelope Ranch

Click on the link above to see pictures of the ranch in the Antelope Foothills of Idaho, near Shelton, Idaho, where George Nowlin was raised and where he met Lydia Almeda.

Lydia Almeda and George Nowlin Gravestone

Click on the link above to see a picture of the Lydia Almeda and George Nowlin gravestone.