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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage

Early Thomas Morgan Families

Thomas Morgan married Ann Watkins in 1841 in England. They came to America in 1855, bringing three of their four children with them. Edward, the oldest, at the age of 11, had been sent to America two years earlier with Thomas' brother Joseph, who was single and did not have a family. Eliza was 6 years old and Priscilla was a baby about 1 year old. Elizabeth would have been about 10 years old.


In the picture above are all of Thomas and Ann Morgan's living children except James John. Three of the four children who were born to Thomas and Ann Morgan in England before they came to America are in this picture. They are Edward, Elizabeth and Priscilla. Eliza died in 1892 and may not have been living when this picture was taken.

Standing, Rear: Everal Hannah Morgan Radford (1862-1941), William Thomas Morgan (1856-1946), Priscilla Morgan Radford Chase (1854-1926), Edward (Ted) Morgan (1843-1928), Elizabeth Morgan Gourley (1845-1929). Sitting front, parents: Thomas Morgan (1822-1915), Ann Watkins Morgan (1822-1895).


In the picture above is Thomas Morgan and one of his closest families; His oldest son Edward Morgan, Edward's oldest daughter Ann Lydia (Annie) Morgan Moore, Annie Lydia's oldest son Willard C. (Whit) Moore, and Willard's oldest son Lamont (Monte) Moore, representing five generations of Thomas Morgan's family. Thomas Morgan, Edward Morgan, and the Moore's are all buried together in the Shelton Cemetery in Idaho.

The youngest person in the above portrait, Edward Lamont (Monte) Moore, was born 2 November 1905 and the oldest person in the portrait, Thomas Morgan, died in 1915 so it is a fair estimate that this portrait was made in about 1910. The son of Annie Morgan Moore standing beside her in this portrait is Willard "C" (Whit) Moore. He was born 22 January 1883.

Click on the link below to see "The Morgan Mystery Picture."

Thomas and his brother Joseph (Maybe)

Click on the link above to see a picture that may be Thomas Morgan and his younger brother Joseph. Or it may be Thomas Morgan and his friend John Whitlock Radford. I'm still trying to identify the two men in this picture for sure.

Extended Family