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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Edward (Ted) Morgan

Edward Morgan (1843-1928) was the oldest son of Thomas Morgan and Ann Watkins Morgan. He married Sarah West (1843-1928) in the year 1863 in Goshen, Utah.


Above is a portrait of Edward and Sarah West Morgan taken on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1913.

Below is a family group picture of Edward and Sarah West Morgan with three of their daughters. Standing, rear, Left to right: Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset (1872-1954), the fourth child, who married Francis Daniel Ryset in 1888 and Mary Emma Morgan Brown (1879-1964), the seventh child, who married Franklin Brown in 1898. Sitting at front right is Ann (Annie) Lydia Morgan Moore (1864-1943) the oldest daughter, she married Willard Moore in 1879.


Front row, left is Edward (Ted) Morgan (1843-1928), and next to him his wife Sarah West Morgan (1842-1928).

Also shown clearly in this picture is the shadow of a woman to whom we owe the existence of many of these old Morgan Family pictures. She seems to have preferred to take pictures with her back to the sun, putting her own shadow in the picture. She was, however, one of those rare individuals who realized the importance of making photographic records of Morgan Families and it is because of her that we have many valuable pictures today.

Edward Morgan was born in Herfordshire, England, may 16, 1843. He came to America in 1853 with his father's younger brother Joseph. His parents, Thomas and Ann Watkins Morgan, followed in 1855. He married Sarah West in 1863 and they lived and worked in the Goshen, Pleasant Grove, and Oak City/Leamington, Utah area prior to moving to Idaho.

Click on the link below to see a portrait of Edward Morgan.

Edward Morgan Portrait

Edward and Sarah moved to Idaho in the fall of 1881 along with Edward's brothers William Morgan and James John Morgan, settling on warm Creek, five miles from American Falls, Idaho, then known as Neeleyville. The first winter, in December, 1881, two of their boys, William Henry and Joseph John, contracted Diptheria and died. Edward apparently homesteaded and farmed for a few years in Neeley, Idaho. From the record made by their granddaughter Nora Moore Tyler (Daughter of Willard and Annie Lydia Morgan Moore), it appears that the Edward Morgan family next moved back to Leamington, Utah and next to the Star Valley, Wyoming area along with Willard and Annie Moore, about1888. Nora Moore Tyler states that Edward and Sarah West's daughter Hannah Elizabeth died in childbirth in the Star Valley in May, 1888 and that "Grandma" (Who would have been Sarah West Morgan) took the baby. This sounds like Edward and Sarah West Morgan spent at least a year or more in the Star Valley. In 1891 the family moved to what is now known as Shelton, Idaho where they homesteaded and farmed until a few years before Edward's death.

The Upper Snake River Valley in Idaho was a sagebrush desert when Edward moved his family there. Once again, as he had at Neeleyville, he homesteaded and cleared land. He helped to build many of the first irrigation canals that brought water to the farms. He accompanied his father, Thomas Morgan, and other family members, up the Snake River to Blacks Canyon where they cut logs, made them into rafts, and floated them down to Shelton to build their first houses. He helped get out the logs and build the first schoolhouse and first chapel in Shelton.

Sarah West Morgan was born in Derbyshire, England, November 8 , 1842. Her parents were William West (1808-1878) who was born in Borrowash, Derbyshire, England and died in Pleasant Grove, Utah and Hannah Twigg West (1809-1844) who was born in Ockbrook, Borrowash, Derby, England. Sarah came to America with her parents on the ship 'Charles Buck' which left Liverpool 17 January 1855 and arrived in New Orleans 14 March 1855. They came on to the Salt Lake Valley in 1855, crossing the plains with an Ox Train in captain Ballentine's company. She married Edward Morgan in Goshen, Utah, May 17, 1863. They were sealed in the temple at Salt Lake City on December 12, 1894. She was the mother of 9 children, six of whom lived to adulthood.

Life history for Sarah West's uncle David West

Sarah West Morgan was a faithful companion through the hardships of pioneering in Utah and Idaho. She served as the Shelton Relief Society President from 1900 to 1908 and served in other capacities for many years, walking the one and one half miles to her meetings. She helped gather wheat every fall to put in the Relief Society's granary just North of the chapel. She spent much time caring for the sick and when there was a death she would go and take care of the body. Sarah West Morgan died at her home in Shelton on January 1, 1928, at the age of 86 years. Edward died in December that same year. They are buried in the Shelton Cemetery with their daughter Annie Lydia Morgan Moore's family and next to Edward's father Thomas Morgan and his wives.

Edward Morgan Family

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Sarah West Morgan Four Generations

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Edward and Sarah West Morgan 50th Anniversary

Click on the link above to see a newspaper clipping describing the 50th wedding anniversary of Edward and Sarah West Morgan.

Early Thomas Morgan Families

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Edward and Sarah Morgan Headstone

Edward and Sarah's oldest daughter, Ann Lydia, married Willard Moore. Willard and Ann homesteaded the farm where the Shelton Cemetery is located. This farm is still in the Moore family today. Edward and Sarah's daughter Sarah Priscilla, married Frank Ryset, who was Nancy Jane Radfords son from her first marriage before she married Thomas Morgan.