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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Sarah West Morgan Four Generation's

Sarah West Morgan with her daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter


Sarah West was born in Derbyshire, England in 1842. She came to England the same way her husband, Edward Morgan did, by wooden sailing ship and wagon train across the plains to Utah. Somehow they met in Utah and married in 1863.

Sarah West and Edward Morgan's fourth child, born in Leamington, Utah, in 1872, was Sarah Priscilla Morgan. In 1888 Sarah Priscilla married Francis Daniel (Frank) Ryset, the stepson of Edward Morgan's father, Thomas Morgan.

The Frank Ryset and Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset family stayed close to the Edward and Sarah West Morgan family and also to the Thomas Morgan families through all their lives. In the picture above are Sarah West Morgan, her daughter Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset, Sarah Priscilla's daughter Nora Ryset Moore, and Nora's daughter Laverne Moore Johnson.

In the four generation picture below is Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset, her daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter.


In the picture above are Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset with her oldest daughter Nora Ryset Moore, Nora's only daughter LaVerne Moore Johnson, and LaVerne's son George Kent Johnson.

Frank and Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset Family

Click on the link above to see a picture of the Frank and Sarah Priscilla Morgan Ryset family.

The picture at the top of the page and the picture that can be accessed by clicking the link above were both taken by the same photographer at the same place on the same day. Notice that Sarah Priscilla and Nora have on the same dress in both pictures. The Ryset picture, which you can reach via the link above, was taken just before Frank Ryset died. Frank was not well. He had some sort of stomach problem, perhaps stomach cancer. The person who took these pictures probably realized that both Frank and Sarah West were getting near their end. It is interesting to note that Sarah West, although older, outlived Frank by four years. It is always exciting and rewarding to me to see pictures that were taken by someone who had a sense that they were in the presence of history that needed to be recorded. Someone, a woman with a camera (You can see her shadow in many of the Edward and Sarah West Morgan pictures), understood that a historical record needed to be made. I am grateful for these people, whoever they were.

Edward (Ted) Morgan

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