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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
John Thomas Morgan

John Thomas (Tom) Morgan was the oldest child of Thomas Morgan and Nancy Jane Radford Ryset Morgan.


Below is John Thomas and Josephine Fogg Morgan's wedding picture. The picture above was taken from their wedding picture. John Thomas had just turned 26 years old when they were married Febrary 16th, 1898.


John Thomas Morgan life sketch by Leon Pitman

John Thomas Morgan was born in Oak City, Millard, Utah 18 Dec 1872, son of Thomas William Morgan and Nancy Jane Radford Ryset.. Oak City was a new frontier community founded by his parents and other relatives. But in 1873 his family moved a few miles to the North to found the community of Leamington where Tom spent his childhood. He was 16 when his parents move to Wyoming to found the community now called Etna, and about 18 when his family moved to what is now Poplar, Idaho in 1890. As a boy he helped his father, cousins and others clear new land for farming. He married Josephine Fogg of Rexburg, Idaho on 16 Feb 1898 in Logan, Utah. The family remained in the Poplar area for about 25 years. In about 1923 they and their younger children moved to Lehi, Utah where they remained for the rest of their lives. Tom died suddenly in Lehi of an illness on 9 Dec. 1929. Josephine died while visiting relatives in Ririe, Idaho on 22 Aug. 1940.

Together they had the folowing children

1. Viva Josephine, b. 17 Nov. 1898 in Shelton, Idaho and died in May 1982 in Idaho Falls. She married Lavern Dockstader in 1919. They settled in Idaho Falls. He died in 1977.

2. Thomas Ezra, b. 7 Feb 1901 in Rexburg, Idaho and died 10 Aug. 1986 in American Fork, Utah. He married Grace Nielson in 1923 in Salt Lake City and settled in Lehi, Utah. She died in 1964 in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

3. Ida May, b. 8 July 1903 in Poplar and died in Twin Falls, Idaho 20 July 1941. She married James LeRoy Radford in 1922. He died in Idaho Falls in 1973.

4. Joseph Lavier, b. in LaBelle, Jefferson, Idaho 25 Oct. 1905 and died in Twin Falls, Idaho 4 June 1979. He married Alverda Martha Rhoads in 1926 in Idaho Falls and later settled in Twin Falls. Alverda died 3 Aug. 2001 in Twin Falls.

6. Cleo Anna, b. 10 Oct. 1911 in Poplar and died Nov. 1982 in Bonneville Co. Idaho.  Leo James Morgan was her twin born at the same time. He died at 11 months of age and is buried in the Ririe Shelton Cemetery. Cleo married Ako Oren Radford 8 June 1936 in Lehi, Utah. He died in Idaho Falls in Sep. 1977. His surviving wife, Cleo, was inadvertently left out of the list of survivors in the death notice in the Idaho Falls newspaper, an omission that was corrected a few days later.

Cleo Anna (Annie) Morgan

5. Clyde LeVern, born 25 Sept. 1917 in Poplar and died 5 Feb 1988 in Twin Falls, Idaho. He married Virginia Rowley in 1939 in Provo, Utah.  In 1945 they settled in Twin Falls. She was born 11 Dec 1920 and died 10 Nov 1995 in Twin Falls.

The picture below of John Thomas and Josephine Fogg Morgan was taken later in their lives, probably in the early 1920's.


Josie Fogg Morgan

Click on the link above to see a picture of Josie Fogg when she was a teenager and a picture of her sitting beside a creek in her mature years.

Josephine Fogg Morgan

Click on the link above to see a large picture of Josephine and several others.

Gravestone for John Thomas and Josephine Morgan

Thomas Morgan Family in America

We don't have a picture of the John Thomas and Josephine Morgan family. However, if you click on the link above you can see John Thomas in the top picture and John Thomas and Josephine together in the large family picture at the bottom of the page. John Thomas is on the left side in the top picture on the above linked page and he and Josephine are standing together at the center of the larger picture at the bottom of the page.