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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Kenneth Morgan and brother Alvin

Kenneth Morgan, his brother Alvin, and a work party in the days when horses were the main engine of work


In the picture above are, on the left, Kenneth Morgan (1905-1969), and standing in the stirrups between two horses, his brother Alvin Elmer Morgan (1899-1970). The man second from right is Robert Morgan (1883-1939), son of Edward and Sarah West Morgan and grandson of Thomas Morgan. Robert Morgan married Delores Ross, daughter of Melvin and Mary Ellen Haddon Ross. So Robert Morgan was a nephew to Alvin and Kenneth. They are here shown when they were part of a crew engaged in the construction of an irrigation ditch in the Shelton, Idaho area.

Old pictures like this one make us long to know where Ken and Al were, what they were doing, and who they were with. From the picture we can deduct that they were working on a job somewhere. Kenneth Morgan is known to have worked on construction of the Conant Valley road (called the Conant Dugway) so perhaps this picture was taken on the Conant Dugway project.