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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Mary Ann Anderson Baugh

Emily Alice Baugh Morgan's mother and a picture of her sister Mary Ellen Baugh Bird and her family.


In this picture, third from left, is Emily Alice Baugh Morgan's mother Mary Ann Anderson Baugh. Information taken from the picture collection of LuAnn Ferrin of Logan, Utah states that she was born in Denmark where she was named Christina Marie Togur (or Thygaarsen)(another source says Mary Ann Christoffer). She immigrated to the United States with her mother, brother and Anderson stepfamily in 1854. She married Briar Baugh (1833-1907) in 1858 in Cedar City, Utah. They helped settle Cache Valley, Utah in 1860 and lived in Wellsville and Logan. They were the parents of nine children; Samuel Briar Baugh (1859-1935), Rachael Elizabeth Baugh (1863-1878), James Baugh (1867-1850), John Anderson Baugh (1870-1905), Mary Ellen Baugh Bird (1872-1940), Martha Baugh Stanger (1874-1948), William Baugh (1876-1939), Peter Baugh (1879-1944), and Emily Alice Baugh Morgan (1881-1929).

We don't have positive identification of anyone in this picture except Mary Ann Anderson Baugh. The man on the left could possibly be her husband Briar Baugh. Kyrel Baugh (Pete) Morgan said Briar Baugh was a redhead with a temper. But Pete was such a tease that he may, when he was a kid, have just infuriated Briar Baugh and came away with the impression that his grandfather had a temper.

This picture was taken outside the house belonging to Briar and Mary Ann's daughter and son in law James Hoopes and Mary Ellen Baugh Bird. The couple on the right could possibly be James Hoopes Bird and Mary Ellen Baugh Bird.


In this picture are Emily Alice Baugh Morgan's sister Mary Ellen Baugh Bird with her husband James Hoopes Bird and the children from her second marriage. James Hoopes Bird and Mary Ellen Baugh Bird were both born in Cache Valley, Utah and spent most of their lives in Mendon, Utah. Mary Ellen Baugh was married first to William Lear in 1892 and had one son, Elmer Baugh Lear (1892-1973). They divorced in 1900 and a year later Mary Ellen Baugh married James Hoopes Bird, an employee of the railroad. They had four children, all of whom are in the picture above.