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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Morgan Family Tree

Thomas Morgan in America


The concept of "Descendents" is misleading. We really "Ascend" from our ancestors. Human life on earth is a process of growth, development and upward progression. Human evolution yearns to make us better in every way. In order to do that we must build, generation, by generation. Each generation must provide a nurturing base for the next generation so that each generation gets a little better start in an increasingly complex world.

Thomas Morgan Ascendents Chart

To see a simplified chart of the families of Thomas Morgan in America click on the link above.

Thomas Morgan and his families established our Morgan Family in America. His decision to immigrate to America, the trek across the plains to Utah, the pioneering life settling a new, rugged land, and the work and sacrifice building the foundations of new communities; this great courage and commitment brought us out of a stagnant European world and gave us a new beginning in a country whose opportunities and freedoms are unmatched anywhere in the world.