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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
About This Website

Building a Morgan Family picture archive and a history of Thomas Morgan and his families with his wives Ann Watkins and Nancy Jane Radford.


Pictured above is Leon Pitman. Leon is a family history researcher whose work has contributed excellence and professionalism to our Morganclan.com website. Leon is a descendent of Thomas Morgan via his son Joseph Charles Morgan. Leon has written the definitive life history of Thomas Morgan and his families which can be seen on this website and also is available in PDF format for those who would like a copy. There are also many other Morgan and Radford family life histories on this website that were researched and written by Leon.

Many people contribute to this Morgan Family website and we appreciate them all. Their contributions are all valuable and this family website could not exist in it's present form without them. Bringing descendents of the many Thomas Morgan families together to build a comprehensive family history on the World Wide Web has been a most interesting and rewarding experience.

This website and graphics contained in it were constructed on a little herd of MacIntosh graphics computers. I have always felt that sheep are picked on so I defend them since they are not very good at defending themselves. Thus it came about that I adopted the MacSheep logo.


MacSheep, website builder, being optimized for the web by Sheepy the Chief Programmer.

Sheepy and his cousins have the run of the place here. They keep us from taking our work too seriously.

We use sheep as symbols and icons because in Biblical times sheep were symbols of the Savior's love for people. We see sheep as symbols of our love for our ancestors. There are beautiful old pictures of Jesus lovingly tending to his flocks. We like to believe we lovingly tend to the memories of our ancestors, so they won't be forgotten and so we can learn from their lives.

Wild and Wooley Morgans

Mary Morgan, mother of MacSheep, collected family pictures and memorabilia over much of her life. She used to take out the big box of pictures and explain who the people were. After she died in 1999 MacSheep, realizing that the picture collection was very important, began to scan them into computers and retouch them. This was the beginning of a major project to build an archive of old Morgan Family pictures, which led to the building of this Morgan Family Website.

This Morgan Family website is dedicated to Thomas Morgan. It will focus on Thomas Morgan, his wives and children, and on William Morgan, son of Thomas Morgan and Ann Watkins. The goal is to present a definitive, well researched and documented life history of Thomas Morgan. And to fill it out with pictures and life sketches for all the children of Thomas Morgan and Ann Watkins, all the children of Thomas Morgan and Nancy Jane Radford, and all the children of William Morgan and Lovina Ross Morgan. Others who were closely associated with Thomas Morgan will be included, such as his wives with whom he did not have children, Frank Ryset who was Nancy Jane Radford's son by her first marriage and literally became part of Thomas's family, John Whitlock Radford whose children married into the Morgan family, and others who played a part in the life of Thomas Morgan and his families. It will gradually expand as pictures and life sketches of these families are located.