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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Golden (Jack) Morgan Life Sketch

Golden Jack Morgan was born 8th of September 1902, in Neely, Power County, Idaho. Near American Falls. He gave himself the nickname of Jack when a teenager.

His Parents: William Thomas Morgan & Sarah Lovina (Ross) Morgan, moved to Neely, Id. from Utah with other members of their families. There were hard times, the family lived in dugouts the first winter where their first son George William Morgan was born. Later there was 13 children altogether. Golden Jack, was the 11th of 13 children. The Pioneers, the Morgans & the Rosss suffered hard times but survived due to perseverance.

William & Lovina homesteaded land in Neely & they shared working the land with their sons. They were dryfarmers, and had to depend on the rain for water on their crops.

When he was 16 his mother died of accidental Arsenic poisoning. It was put into her tea instead of sugar by mistake. Seemed to be a mistake in packaging by the pharmacist in the local store. His father moved his family that were not married, Jack, Ken & Orlean to Rigby, Id. area.

In 1917 or 1918 at age 16 Jack joined the National Guard Calvary during WW 1. In 1918 the war was over so he did not see active duty.

He met Lucy Frances Walker who was 16 & he was 21. They married April 24, 1924. They lived for a while in Idaho Falls where LaRae was born Nov. 26, 1924 & then moved to Clark Ward, Rigby Stake, Id. 3yrs. 4 mo. later Oma Jean was born, 24 Mar. 1928 (and died 8 September 2010). Sharon Rose was born 25 June 1934, Jean & Sharon were born at home in Rigby, ID. Dee Ann was born 14 Mar. 1944, after the family had moved to Fallon NV.

In 1929 the depression hit the whole nation & families really struggled to make a living & put food on the table. He worked at many jobs. They farmed for a while and then he drove a milk truck for Kraft Cheese Co. He drove around to all the farms & picked up their (very heavy) 10 gallon cans of milk that was in front of their farms every morning. In the winter it was so cold & there was no heat in the truck, the roads were snowy & icy. Come rain, hail, sleet, or snow, he took their milk to the creamery

About 1932, maybe sooner, he started working for Road Construction Co.s, which became his lifes work. He started out driving a team of horses pulling a Fresno & dumping gravel onto the conveyer belt for the rock crusher plant. He worked himself up through the ranks, oil man, batch man, fireman & retired as superintendent of the hot plant that produced the material to pave the roads.

During this period of time the family moved with him wherever the job was in many different towns. In Idaho, Nevada & Ca., they lived in tents, travel trailer & sometimes rented houses while on the road const. jobs. Then back to Rigby, Id. to spend the winters.

In 1942 the family moved to Fallon, NV. which was the headquarters of the Dodge Construction Co. he worked for. All 4 girls married in Fallon, & still continue to live there. He was still doing road const. work. In 1962 at age 60, he retired from the Teamsters Union. In 1954 Jack & Lucy bought Kicks Place in partnership their daughter Oma Jean. It was a Ice Cream parlor with hamburgers & shakes & Western Union & magazines & newspapers. In 1966 they remodeled & turned it into The Downtowner Restaurant. Lucy & Oma Jean were the Chefs. They sold it in 1974. Lucy continued to work out of another restaurant catering parties & giving banquets. Jack & Lucy traveled for a few years.

In1978 Golden ( Jack) Morgan suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side & unable to speak or communicate with any one. He suffered like this for 5 yrs. and passed away Jan 9,1983. Lucy cared for him until he was put in a rest home for the last two years of his life. Lucy passed away April 7, 1988. They are buried side by side in the Fallon, NV. Cemetery

Jack and Lucy Morgan life sketch by LaRae Morgan with the help of her sisters.

Oma Jean Obituary

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