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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
William Morgan's Daughters

A one of a kind picture with all of William Morgan's daughters in it.


This may be the only picture in existence with Wiiliam Morgan and all his daughters in it together. His oldest daughter, Sarah Jane (Holden) Morgan Charlesworth died before William did.

It appears that the person who took this picture had a theme in mind: Daughters and daughter's-in-law of William Morgan.

Four of William's daughter's-in-law are in the picture and his half sister Martha as well.

Taken August 22, 1930.

Back Row, L-R; William Thomas Morgan (1856-1946), William's half sister Martha Veletta Morgan Eames (1877-1960), Sarah Jane (Holden) Morgan Charlesworth (1879-1944), Cecil Velma Allen Morgan (Wife of Clifton (Dick) Morgan) (1894-1973), Julia Ann Morgan Hansen (1883-1957), Ada Melissa Morgan Radford (1886-1968).

Front Row, L-R; Orlean Lovina Morgan Nield (1907-1997), Lucy Francis Walker Morgan (Wife of Golden (Jack) Morgan (1907-1983), Helen LaRae Morgan (1924- ), Mary Finn Morgan (Wife of Kenneth Morgan) (1907-1999), Ruth Ives Stanger Morgan (Wife of Marvin Morgan) (1897-1991).

Children in front, L-R; First child may be Oma Jean Morgan (1928- ), the child with hand covering eye not known for sure but could be Mary Morgan's oldest son Kenneth Wayne Morgan (1926-1991), Mary Morgan is holding her oldest daughter Leah Morgan (1929-).

For those of you not familiar with this family, Sara Jane was the oldest daughter in the family, Julia Ann was next, then Ada Melissa, and youngest was Orlean Lovina. Sarah Jane was born to William's wife Lovina Ross Holden and her first husband John Holden. After Holden's death Lovina married William Morgan. Sarah Jane was raised by William and Lovina as one of their own.

Martha Veletta Morgan Eames was a daughter of Thomas Morgan and Nancy Jane Radford (Ryset) Morgan. William was a son of Thomas Morgan and Ann Ollin Watkins Morgan. So Martha was half sister to William. She and her husband Sam Eames lived near the Morgans in Idaho and were close to the Morgan families.

The woman on the right front is Ruth Ives Stanger Morgan (1897-1991), wife of Marvin Lee Morgan. She was another daughter-in-law of William Morgan.


The two men in the rear of this picture are, left to right: Lenard Nield (1902-1985)(husband of Orlean Morgan) and Daniel H. (Dee) Radford (1881-1951)(husband of Ada Morgan). The man in the far right, far rear, is Kenneth Morgan (1905-1969)(Kenneth Morgan was very camera shy).

The four women in front of the picture are, left to right: Mary Finn Morgan (1907-1999)(wife of Kenneth Morgan), Cecil Velma Allen Morgan (1894-1973)(wife of Clifton (Dick) Morgan), Ruth Ives Stanger Morgan (1897-1991)(wife of Marvin (JP) Morgan), and Sarah Anna Barnhart Morgan (1900-1983)(wife of Alvin Elmer Morgan.

So the two guys in the rear of this picture married daughters of William and Lovina Morgan and the four women in front of the picture married sons of William and Lovina Morgan. The only son of William Morgan in the picture, Kenneth Morgan, is far right, far rear and has his back to the camera.