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Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
More Neeley House

Two more views of the old house


The picture above was preserved in a book of memories by Alvin (Al) Morgan. It shows the East side of the William and Lovina Morgan house at Neeley, Idaho. Under the picture Al had written "Thomas Morgan my father." And, indeed, that is William Thomas Morgan on the left side wearing the dark hat and vest. The other people are: left to right: William's wife Lovina Ross Morgan, Kyrel and Roy Morgan (Sons of George William Morgan and Grandsons of William and Lovina), Orlean Morgan (Daughter of William and Lovina), Lorene Morgan (Daughter of Clifton 'Dick' Morgan and granddaughter of William and Lovina), Velma Morgan (Wife of Clifton 'Dick' Morgan) holding baby Dale Morgan, and Sylma Allen. Sylma Allen was not a relative.


The picture above of the morgan house at Neeley was taken years after it was abandoned. Eventually it was torn down.

William Thomas Morgan